1. Uganda’s average income in 2011 was $271 per person, but sixty percent of Ugandans earned less than that amount.
  2. The richest 20% got an average income of $1,253 each while for the poorest 20% the average income was just $144 each.
  3. In 2009, Uganda’s richest 10 percent was earning 2.3 times more than the poorest 40 percent of its population.
  4. Uganda’s lowest official minimum wage is the highest in East Africa at US$81 per month.
  5. 62% of Uganda’s informal workers are paid more than the country’s poverty line of $37 per month, compared to 97% of formal workers.
  6. Malnutrition rates in Uganda are highest in Karamoja region where at least 45 percent of children under-five years are stunted.
  7. Between 2006 and 2011, malnutrition rates fell fastest among the poorest Ugandans (from 43 to 37 percent) compared to the richest Ugandans (from 24 to 20 percent)
  8. Uganda’s poorest men have the highest chance of having gone to school amongst the poorest men in the EAC region.
  9. Poor families in Uganda have the highest infant mortality rates in the region, recording 123 deaths per 1000 live births.
  10. Health insurance coverage in Uganda is the lowest in East Africa with just 5 percent of men and 4 percent of women from wealthiest households are covered.
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