East African Bribery Index

According to the East Africa Bribery Index, another annual publication by Transparency International, Uganda registered the highest bribery levels in the region while Rwanda remained the least bribery-prone country in the region. Bribery was most likely to be encountered when dealing with the police, judiciary and education sectors.

Rank Sector

Index (0-100)

1 Ugandan Police


2 Tanzanian Police


3 Kenyan Police


4 Kenyan Land Services


5 Burundian Judiciary


6 Burundian Police


7 Tanzanian Judiciary


8 Ugandan Judiciary


9 Rwandan Police


10 Burundian Land Services


According to the Bribery Index, the Uganda Police Force was East Africa’s most bribery prone institution in 2012, for the second year running. Burundi has the most bribery prone institutions among the top ten in East Africa. The police account for 50 per cent of the most corrupt sectors in the region followed by the judiciary at 30 per cent. The police departments in all five East African Community states appear in the top ten most corrupt institutions, which points to the harsh reality experienced by many citizens in their dealing with law enforcement institutions in the region.The reporting of corruption by citizens to the authorities in East Africa is very low. An estimated 95 per cent of respondents in Kenya did not report an incident of bribery to the authorities. That figure was 92 per cent in Uganda, 90 per cent in Burundi, 89 per cent in Tanzania and 85 per cent in Rwanda.