And ‘Minding the Gap’
Over time, several trends become evident. The influence size and of the energy sector over the whole economy diminishes as more vibrant light manufacturing expands. Located in the smaller towns across East Africa, near local inputs and employing growing numbers of people to serve regional markets, they create a new web of value chains.

The results are mixed. In some areas, incomes, wage and profits grow further stimulating local demand. In others, success is elusive and under-employment remains severe. However, informality is lightly regulated and participants are supported in their efforts to grow, rather than being harassed.

A new EAC Constitution is drafted, debated, amended and passed by a region-wide referendum.Among other things, it provides for the registration of transnational political parties, transforms the Secretariat into a Commission and the Legislative Assembly into a Congress of Provinces whose members are elected directly by the people they represent. The Congress has the authority to vet and approve nominees for EAC Commission President and Senior Commissioners.

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